Sunday, 24 April 2011

Pasta Paradise

Hi again!
Today a friend came round to cook for me and I have to say it was a delicious meal i just have to share with you and perfect for summer time which I fast approaching!!!
As the title doesn't give very much away i will explain the recipe; it is crème fraiche with mushrooms, yellow pepper, red onion and pancetta over pasta. therefore the delicious dish is even healthy! especially served with salad.

This is basically a great simple recipe which an be made to adapt to many different things eg. number of people, vegetarians and meat eaters, different vegetables at home whatever really! its also pretty heap and as a teenager growing up now i realise as soon as i move away from home in two or so years i will need lots of recipes like this!!!!
I have to tell you though don't talk too much when cutting mushrooms as I nearly lost a toe due to that.

 As I said earlier the ingredients can be varied on this occasion
- 1 red onion
- 150g of mushrooms
- 1/2 a yellow pepper
- 100ml of crème fraiche
- 100g of diced Pancetta
- Pasta (approx. 80g-100g of dry pasta per person)

First of put you pasta in boiling water and leave to cook.
While it is cooking shop all the vegetables. To avoid tears when cutting the onion cut of end peel and run under cold water for at least 10 seconds!
Then put in a frying pan with a little oil and allow to cook stirring around to make sure all vegetables are evenly cooked (will go a little darker).
Then after 2-3 minutes add in the pancetta and carry on stirring.
then when this and the pasta is ready drain the pasta and transfer it and the vegetables into a pan/wok and add in your crème fraiche. keep this on the heat while stirring it in.
then when fully mixed serve. And there you have a perfect simple summer dish!
Finished Recipe!

...and a quote from the chef: "even a culinary expert such as myself continues to be amazed at this wonderful dish which, coincidentally, i concocted myself. Not only is it a triumph for anyone's taste buds, but the aesthetics of the dish are spectacular - it is so pleasing to the eye that I actually proposed to it once, but the registry office said it wasn't allowed."