Saturday, 16 April 2011

chicken with parma ham and feta cheese

Hello again, as promised another post today! well this one is a great chicken dish me and my mum made for our tea last night and i just had to share it with you as its just delish.
at first i had my queries about warm feta cheese however i feel it worked really well in this dish and gave it a light summery edge as it doesn't melt.
we got the idea for this dish on mothers day in a small restaurant as they had chicken with bacon and feta cheese with potatoes. my mum thought this sounded really nice and we decided to experiment.
we decided to exchange the bacon for parma ham as we wanted a lighter meal but feel free to change it back if you wish!
we cooked this with Mediterranean vegetables in the oven and i felt that this step really improved it as it made the chicken very tender and added flavorings without overpowering it.
i have to say i just read through what i wrote i have to say that my cooking/critiquing skills are definitely improving and i have noticed a lot less disaster in my cooking however my next conquest with prove this as tomorrow i am going to make another sweet dish on my own. as this project goes on i hope to keep improving my skills and i think you will begin to notice of few more of these reflective paragraphs! sorry if you don't like them and feel free to tell me. That's another point sorry for sounding rude possibly but please comment more! i want to have  bit of interaction with you guys, my readers so post whatever you like good or bad i don't mind as it will help be to improve as a blogger! That's the end of my reflection now i will give you the recipes!

Chicken Breast (enough for 1 per person)
feta cheese (enough to stuff all the chicken breasts)
selection of Mediterranean vegetables
1 red opinion
3 tomatoes

Preheat the oven to gas mark 5/190C/375F
Dice the onion and tomatoes and put them in the tray for roasting
Prepare your vegetables and add them to the tray (if you don't want to select your own trays of Mediterranean vegetables work great)
Then cut in half you chicken breasts stuff with a chuck of feta cheese and sandwich back together.
Wrap two pieces of parma ham around each one.
add these to the roasting tray
Pour over a good drizzle oil olive oil to keep it all moist
Season with salt and pepper, not much not if any is needed as the ham is already quite salty)
Roast in the oven for 30-40 minutes making sure the chicken is cooked through
you can serve with new potatoes or a salad for a summery dish!

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